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Il Monile was born as jewelery workshop in Forlì in 1988 and has always been characterized by attention to detail and excellent finish of products: design, constant search for new forms and lines are the dominant of company.  Modeller Daniele Tamburro’s artistic culture led to include in his own production items entirely handmade, introducing new and alternative materials, combining sculpture, painting and technology, true expressions of the Made in Italy.

It's the love for art that creates our jewels, natural forms colors and materials. From bronze and silver, we create our collections that are so close to real things that seems to be alive and can be dressed with elegance and natural beauty. The idea of this new collection comes from the portrait of everybody's pets, from the love that we care for them and for this it can be dressed with an unbreakable bond. Not only jewels: if it is possible to create in a jewel the physical characteristics and the colors of our pets, it is the same for a portrait in oils tempera, pastels, watercolors... Send us the picture of your pet and it will be the good occasion for a very original gift.

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Studio Tamburro di Daniele Tamburro Via G. Siboni 68 - 47122 Forlì - ITALY
P. IVA 04303130407 info@naturjewel.it
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